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Welcome to our Home Decor Sale gallery. This gallery serves to showcase home decor that is currently on sale. The pieces in this gallery come from any one of our home decor galleries. From our Artifact category: Antique Artifacts, Contemporary, Rendition Artifacts, Garden Art, and Silver Statues. From our Mineral category: Mineral Specimens, Mineral Sculptures, and Tantric Shiva Lingam Stones. From our Painting category: Himalayan Thangkas, Appliques, Scrolls and Framed Art. From our Carpet category: Oriental Carpets, Antique Carpets, Modern Carpets, Silk Carpets, and Tribal Carpets.

Thank you again for visiting our Home Decor Sale gallery! We invite you to visit our other galleries by either clicking on the embedded links above or by clicking on one of the 5 main drop down menus at the top of the screen: Jewelry, Artifacts, Minerals, Paintings or Carpets to see a full listing of galleries. Thank you and we look forward to your inquiries. Come and visit our new location at Carlsbad, California or if you would like to ask us a question about any of the items you see here, please give us a call at (760) 814-8155.

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