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Tahitian Black Pearl Jewelry

Welcome to our collection of Tahitian Black Pearls. In this gallery you will find a beautiful selection of jewelry that features the jewel of the Pacific, the Tahitian Black Pearl. These beautiful Tahitian Black Pearls come from the ocean oyster known as the Black Lipped Oyster or the Pinctada margaritifera. Each pearl has been personally, hand chosen for you by Kamalia. Kamalia's pearl jewelry designs feature beautiful Tahitian Black Pearls, South Sea Pearls, Exotic Keshi, Akoya, Coin Pearls and more. If you would like to see our full selection of Exotic Pearl jewelry check out our main pearl gallery.

Tahitian Black Pearls are the preferred pearl of the women of Hawaii and Polynesia and wearing one will certainly help you feel the beauty and mystique of these natural gems. The Tahitian Black Pearl is a salt water pearl from the lagoon of French Polynesia and can be found in many rich color tones including blue, green, peacock green (greens with pink highlights), platinum, aubergine (purples) and chocolate browns. Pearls have been worn as jewelry since time immemorial and are well known to accentuate the feminine side. There are many beautiful legends about the pearl and its magical charm to evoke Beauty in the wearer. Remember the ancient Egyptian grinding up pearls for potions of beauty for Cleopatra.

As no two pearls are identical, each of Kamalia's Exotic Pearl Pieces is an unique, one-of-a-kind adornment. We hope you enjoy our treasures of the sea! We are available for custom orders as it is Kamalia's desire to bring the mystery, magic, and beauty of pearl jewelry into your creative expression! Come visit our new location at Carlsbad, California or if you would like to ask us a question about any of the jewelry you have seen here, please us a call at (760) 814-8155.

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18K gold Tahitian black pearl ring.

13x13.5mm Tahitian Black Pearl Ring with 122 Diamonds
Item number: 0080
In stock

Tahitian black pearl pendant in 18Kt gold.

Tahitian black pearl pendant (11/JAN/2013)
Item number: 0809
This item has been sold.

Black pearl ring studded with diamonds.

Tahitian black pearl ring
Item number: 0836
In stock

Tahitian pearl & black diamond necklace

Tahitian Pearl pendant & diamond necklace
Item number: 2167

Regular Price: $1,900.00

Price online *: $1,700.00

* website special only

This item has been sold.

Black pearl necklace - alt

Tahitian Black Pearl Strand with 22K Yellow Gold Clasp
Item number: 2136
In stock

Tahitian black pearl earrings

Tahitian black pearl earrings
Item number: 1906
In stock

Tanzanite & Pearl necklace

Tanzanite & Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace (02/jan/2014)
Item number: 2476
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Gold Tahitian pearl earrings

Tahitian pearl earrings (15/aug/2016)
Item number: 2482
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Pink sapphire necklace

Pink Sapphire necklace
Item number: 2514
In stock

Tsavorite bead necklace

Tahitian Black Pearl & Tsavorite Bead Necklace
Item number: 2515
This item has been sold.

Golden South Sea & Tahitian Black Pearl Wire Necklace

TBP wire Necklace
Item number: 3692
In stock

Antique Tahitian black pearl necklace - main

Antique Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace
Item number: 4247
In stock
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