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Welcome to our collection of Miniature Silver and Copper Statues. In this gallery you will find a beautiful selection of Hindu and Buddhist miniature statues from Tsajon’s personal, private collection of many years traveling throughout Asia. They have been recast by Tsajon in sterling silver to add value and empowerment. Additionally you will find beautiful Nepalese gold-gilt copper statues here.

Thank you again for visiting our Miniature Silver and Copper Statues gallery. We invite you to visit our other galleries by either clicking on the embedded links above or by clicking on the drop down menus at the top of the screen: Jewelry, Indo-Tibetan Art, South East Asian Art, Collectors, Minerals, Paintings or Carpets to see a full listing of galleries. With similar themes to this gallery, we recommend you take a minute to visit our Indo-Tibetan Antique Artifacts Gallery, Indo-Tibetan Rendition Artifacts Gallery as well as our South East Asian Antique Artifacts and South East Asian Rendition Artifact galleries. Thank you and we look forward to your inquiries. ~Jewel of the Lotus and Lotus Gallery team

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