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Collectors Gallery registration form - Jewel of the Lotus Welcome to the Kauai Lotus Foundation Collection of Indian bronzes offered as a collection to preserve the centuries of bronze casting in India. These are examples of the finest bronze work, some of which can not be reproduced today. This collection not only represents fine workmanship, but centuries of worship of these deities which provided them with an empowerment that can only be felt in person. Over the past 30 years these pieces were bought in India, and from private collections. There are 19 pieces in the collection from 10th century Pala period to 17th century Vijayanagar, including Shivite, Vaishnavites, and Jain pieces in bronze and copper, and two metal “Ganga Jumna”. This collection was put together by Tsajon von Lixfeld and given to the Foundation which he started in 1997 to promote the cultural awareness of muti-ethnic and religious art of the people of Asia. The collection is being offered to raise money for the Foundation so that residents of Kauai may have greater access to the arts and culture of Asian people. These rare Indian bronzes are available only as a collection sold to private collectors or museums, not as individual pieces. Contact us to request a price.

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